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Sometimes just starting out reading the Bible can seem pretty daunting. The study aids below
will help the new Bible student and are "old standbys" for the seasoned scholar.

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Preparing for "Shake, Bake and Blow"
Updated February 22, 2004


Sometimes people ask why are we preparing when God will take care of us. Stan and I don't think that being prepared shows a lack of faith, it is simply following God's direction "to make provision" as he directed Noah and Joseph, during a flood and a famine. For more answers why we feel this is what God wants us to do, please read "How To Talk To Someone About Earth Changes (That Doesn't Believe)". In this article, skip down to "Additional Issues" for more scriptural references.

Here is a story which further illustrates the point:

When Tom heard the emergency advisory on TV warning of the coming flood, he shrugged it off. I'm staying put. God will provide!" When the cop cars drove through the neighborhood urging evacuation over their loudspeakers, he thought, "Yep, God'll provide," and stayed put.

When the water was two feet high, the National Guard ordered Tom out, but he wouldn't budge. Water covered everything Tom could see including the first floor of his home. He leaned out of a second story window and waved off the rescue boat. He felt safe, "God would provide".

He ignored the helicopter as he clung to the chimney. The house floated down-river yet Tom shouted into the wind, "Go away; I trust in God's Providence!"

After drowning, Tom stood before the Lord bitter and angry. God let him die despite trusting in Him and demanded an explanation.

God replied, "Tom, I did help you. I spoke to you through the announcer and the police. Who do you think sent the warnings, the truck, the boat and helicopter? I did provide.

For those who are able and have set aside provisions, we will be called upon to share with those who have not. Throughout current prophecies we are told to share with those who have either lacked the means or foresight to do so. We must share and share abundantly. If we do so, God will provide for us.


If you realize the Bible's teachings are correct after the Rapture, don't despair. It is not too late for you. There are several things you can do:

FIRST: Pray and make that commitment we spoke of earlier. Read the Bible and get up to speed. Revelation speaks of a Great Deception. Stan and I have discussed endlessly what form this might take. There are numerous situations where Satan can easily deceive those not on guard. Two of the most likely scenarios involve people or beings claiming to be "ascended masters" or "beings of light."

The other scenario may involve "aliens". For in-depth information detailing the alien deception, read Alien Encounters: The Secret Behind the UFO Deception by Chuck Missler and Mark Eastman published by Koinonia House. It is an excellent chronicle telling how we are being led into the greatest deception of all time.

Start reading the Gospels. After reading Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, you might want to skip to the last book, Revelation, so you can understand what's happening - where everyone has gone and what else to expect.

If you are having a hard time reading Revelation and deciphering the symbology, read Tim LaHaye's Revelation-Illustrated and Made Plain, Zondervan Publishing Company; ISBN: 0310269911; 1974.

Henry Morris's The Revelation Record; Tyndale House Pub; ISBN: 0842355111; 1983 is exceptionally well researched. These are invaluable books to get you on the road of understanding. Morris's book is extra helpful because he takes every verse of Revelation and writes a clear interpretation from a half to two page discussion for each. He also has an extensive science background so he writes from a point of logic. It just makes good sense! The only quarrel we have with his material is his conclusion that the rider in first Seal is Christ, not the Antichrist.

Without question, the most outstanding author on Revelation is Clarence P. Larkin. He was an American Southern Baptist minister who lived from 1850 - 1924 and wrote an amazing amount of insightful information on Revelation. His outstanding outline of Revelation is a magnificent work of detail and explanation, putting events clearly into perspective. Some of his charts can be found on-line, free, at the Clarence P. Larkin Estate or a colorized version can be ordered the Armageddon Books. They actually have the best buy, plus it is in color. They are inexpensive and worth every penny!

SECOND: Avoid The Mark. This will most likely come in the form of a microchip or tattoo to be placed in your forehead or right hand.

THIRD: Do not worship any idols, not people or objects; this includes money.

FOURTH: Plan on being tested in your newfound faith, possibly even with death. When faced with that choice, remember we will are all going to die sometime anyway and it is best to surrender life for the winning team!

We know that Satan will do his utmost to trick people, especially newcomers to The Faith that might be easily fooled. If there's anything Satan likes better than deceiving people, it is the "fence sitter." Why? Because he must do nothing to win your life. He owns the fence!

Miscellaneous Treats

Calendar Converter - Calendar Conversion is obtained FREE at Panda Systems) and a useful tool for calculating Gregorian, Julian, or Jewish dates. It is especially useful for determining inclusive time lengths.

Must Read Books

Cosmic Conspiracy-Millennium Edition, The - Stan Deyo's bestseller; revised look at Biblical history on Earth, current events and ancient prophecies, the coming global dictatorship, Club of Rome, electrogravitic propulsion, history of the Illuminati, weather warfare, UFOs and much more!
Prophetic Perils: End Times Events Revealed - Holly's latest book on how Biblical prophecies and current events are painting a precise Timeline for pre-Tribulation and Tribulation events.
Alien Encounters - Chuck Missler's and Mark Eastman's excellent depiction how UFOs and aliens may lead the Great Deception
America, The Babylon - Volumes 1 and 2, by Richard A. Coombes books are now on CD ROM.
Babylon the Great is Falling - Jack D. Hook
End Times Book-Putting the Pieces Together - Sonny Bowman's terrific on-line or downloadable book in .pdf format. This valuable study guide is a really useful tool discussing specific End Times events, the passages in which they are contained in the Bible and how they fit with the rest of prophecy. Sonny encourages you to download his book as well as pass it onto others. It's FREE!
Left Behind series - what happens after the Rapture occurs - the first in the Tim LaHaye & Jerry Jenkins Left Behind series. Fictionalized account sticks closely to Revelation and interprets some its symbolism; an absolute page turner!
Visions of the Apocalypse

Things Jewish
Many Jewish people are also Believers in Y'shua or Jesus, the Messiah. For further reading, there are some great sites below:

Ahavat Israel - good site to understand the basics and foundation of the Jewish Nation.
Basics of Messianic Judaism
Hebrew 101 - Resources for beginning students of Hebrew
Jewish Calendar - listing of holidays, feasts and fasts and their meaning
Jews for Jesus
Judaism 101 - basic, intermediate and advanced lessons
Maven - 6000+ Jewish Links
Messianic Judaism - What we Believe . . . . .
We believe in the G-d of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob-- the one and only living G-d, Creator of heaven and earth.

We believe that Judaism is founded on the Tenach (the Torah, the Prophets, and the Writings), which is completed in the B'rit Hadasha (Newer Testament). As such, Scripture is the divine authority for our lives.

We believe that Yeshua (Jesus) is Israel's promised Messiah, the Redeemer of all. Yeshua is G-d's provision of atonement for mankind. Through faith in him we have a personal relationship with G-d.

We believe that Messianic Jews should celebrate their heritage and traditions. Furthermore, Gentile believers can share in this rich and meaningful heritage as well. The Messiah removes any barriers between the two and makes us one.

My Own Meals - fully Kosher, no refrigeration necessary
Messianic Judaism
Source for Everything Jewish (The)
Temple Mount in Jerusalem (The)


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