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Dare To Prepare! — 6th Edition

This survey commissioned by National Geographic found that
41% of Americans believe that stocking up on supplies or building
a bomb shelter is a wiser investment than a 401(k).

We don't know specifically what is afoot, but something is definitely wrong and officials are likely privy to it. We have noticed since November a definite uptick in emergency preparedness warnings, PSAs - Public Service Announcements - on TV and radio aired at odds times of the night.

They advise every family should have an emergency plan in place and generally point people to, or individual state programs.

These governmental programs aren't specific enough to be truly helpful. FAS, the Federation of American Scientists, analyzed's. information and found it 'generic, incorrect throughout the site,' filled with 'numerous inadequacies.' (page 13). See next image.

Once people realize they must do something for themselves, the lack of practical information leaves the more panicked than ever wondering what to do.

So many 'hammers' could fall on us that it's hard to know where to begin. Many of these events have the capacity to adversely impact food and medical supplies, disrupt electricity, and present an entire platter of unwanted challenges. We have only to look to devastating Hurricane Katrina or the floods and snowstorms of 2007, 2008 and 2009 and now nine 1-in-1000-year floods in seven years to see people without electricity for weeks. These horrific flooding events just started in 2010 with three 1-in-1000-year floods in 2016 alone. People were left for days to fend for themselves. Don't be left vulnerable. There are answers and preparing is easier than you think!

Three days' supplies are NOT enough. . .

Finally, even the government has officially changed its tune.

"Assemble and maintain a disaster supplies kit with food, water, medications, fuel and personal items adequate for up to 2 weeks - the more the better." —Are You Ready: A Guide to Citizen Preparedness, 2002, FEMA page 91

"Additionally, you may want to consider having supplies for sheltering for up to two weeks."
—Are You Ready: A Guide to Citizen Preparedness, 2004, FEMA page 32

"During periods of increased threat increase your disaster supplies to be adequate for up to two weeks. —Are You Ready: A Guide to Citizen Preparedness, 2004, FEMA page 166

"Learn how to build a Temporary fallout shelter to protect yourself from radioactive fallout even if you do not live near a potential nuclear target."—Are You Ready: A Guide to Citizen Preparedness, 2002, FEMA, page 93.

How much plainer can it be said?

"Every Emergency Management official I've spoken with, both local and national, stated privately that three days supplies is not sufficient. I can understand their thinking. To tell people they need to prepare for longer looks like they're expecting trouble. They don't want people to panic, feel afraid. Understandable. But we are now dealing with bigger disasters, escalating terrorism and possibilities of a nuclear incident.

"If they think warning people causes goosebumps, wait till they see millions of people stampeding for the last supplies."Dare To Prepare, page, 503.

Hurricane Katrina. . . besides vivid stories of countless lives obliterated, we clearly saw how important it is for the individual to prepare. Government failed on so many levels to take care of its citizenry.

Ask yourself, Is this how a Superpower deals with disaster? Scary. Countries around the world looked on in dismay at the disaster response. Many of those same nations look to America to help them in time of crisis. How can we possibly help them when we can't help ourselves? Katrina is yet another scream to "do it for yourself". Do NOT put the lives and safety of your family into the hands of others.

Having knowledge in your hands beats thumbing through the Internet any day, especially in a power outage. It allows you to carry the emergency preparedness information room-to-room, to your supplies room or office, or to the store when filling your lists.

Everything in Dare To Prepare — 6th Ed. has been completely updated with the most current information available. And yes, over the years a lot has changed. Additionally, "Dare"; contains considerable prep material not on our website, nor on any others. Dare 6th Ed. is a unique, completely up-to-date reference book with over 340 photographs and many charts and tables to make your personalized preparedness super simple! View Table of Contents.

If people give you a hard time about storing, remember they razzed Noah too, and look who ended up with dry toes! If you feel discouraged, drop us a note!

A good place to start for storing and preparedness strategies is "Plan for an Emergency".

If you haven't made a 72-hour kit, this is the first area to address. Begin with the 72-Hour Overview and checklists for suggestions how to set up these supplies. As with all lists on Millennium Ark, the information has been researched extensively. They are guidelines. Use them as you see fit.

Once you have short-term items stored, consider emergency preparedness on a broader scope. You may want to begin with the Long-Term Overview and then read the sections on Water. You can choose to skip around in the sections of Long-Term Storage or you can follow the trail by clicking to the next area at the bottom of each page. Since water is THE most important factor, Water Purification is listed first, then Water Storage, then Food, First Aid, General Supplies and so on.

Besides these main topics, you will find loads of other information in the Emergency Prep Files accessed through the menu on the left. Food Storage Planning Software has also been provided for your convenience as well as different approaches to storing food.

The information covers everything from Natural Disasters current and impending, and how to prepare for them; Storable Food Suppliers; Prep Products; Non-hybrid Seeds; Generators and Alternative Power Sources; Terrorism, EMP and Nuclear Events; Communication and Shortwave; Extensive Shelf Lives on many products besides foods; Homesteading and Homeschooling; Soapmaking; Spiritual and First Aid; Pet Preparedness; and many other topics. Links are chosen for quality products and intelligent information; we have not been compensated in any way for the listings. If you think a link should be included in this area, please send it and a short message why. If information on a topic is not readily apparent, use the Search Engine for Millennium Ark.

If you have any doubt, any whatsoever, that world events are going sideways, read Prophetic Perils: End Time Events Revealed. This book using Biblical prophetic signs shows where we are in the Timeline using science, currents events and news items. It gives an unmistakable picture how these signs are being fulfilled and ramping up.

Should you feel like the only one preparing, the only one who is awake, or your spouse thinks you've slipped a cog or your friends look at you like you're crazy, YOU AREN'T ALONE! For practical suggestions how to talk to someone that isn't aware or doesn't want to acknowledge "these times", you might want to check out How To Talk To Somebody About Earth Changes (That Doesn't Believe).

Stan and I see a more casual attitude toward preparedness with the seemingly quiet passing of Y2K, but with the advent of terrorism events of 9-11, many people have sprung into action. Don't be left vulnerable.

Other events besides the recent terrorist attacks are spurring prep efforts. Take a look around you. Do weather patterns seem normal? Have natural disasters receded in any manner? There's no longer a question whether or not weather has become more erratic, more severe, though the cause is hotly debated.

Look at the graph above left to see how much natural disasters have escalated in the past few years and America isn't ready. Much of this escalation is due to greater energy output from the Sun. Without question, weather is wilder and more extreme than even a decade ago. While we can not control the Sun's activity and the resulting weather phenomena, we can take action to protect ourselves and our families. Christians who feel there is no need to prepare, may wish to consider these thoughts.

Part of preparing is having a garden for you and your family. Garden Gold equips you with the knowledge for a superior space-saving garden wherever there's sunshine. You'll grow more fruits and veggies with less time and effort spent, yet with more taste and nutrition than you ever thought possible. It will spoil you having to eat commercial produce again! Stan and I have gardened for many years using a variety of techniques. We are convinced that biointensive gardening practiced by the ancient Chinese makes the best sense. Biointensive just means that a lot of food is grown in a small area. Garden Gold shows you how to do it – with modern improvements.

We've heard from many folks in these economically challenging times how glad they are to have food supplies to carry them over these bumps. Imagine if you or your spouse became ill, unable to provide an income. Wouldn't it be reassuring to have "insurance" you can eat?

Wise are those that prepare ahead of time. It's more important than ever to keep emergency preparedness items on hand. This is no time to be slack.
Keep stored foods rotated. If you have consumed existing supplies, be sure to replenish them.

Another tool you might find useful in your preparedness efforts is Prudent Places USA. Not only is Prudent Places USA an excellent relocation tool, it helps you better understand the strengths and weaknesses of your current location.

Unlike Dare to Prepare, Prudent Places USA addresses issues only for America. It's filled with over 550 high resolution, full color, large maps that show details down to a county level - all 3,143 of them! Covered are 64 in-depth topics in the areas of:
  • Natural Disasters
  • Man-made Disasters
  • Environmental Basics
  • Environmental Problems
  • Energy
  • People and
  • Places

You'll also have access to additional supporting information, numerous tables and many beautiful photographs of America, plus a myriad of other pertinent data. Prudent Places USA is built to be visually enjoyable as well as informative. Learn more about Prudent Places USA.

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