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updated Sept. 18, 2011

How To

Other Purification Methods
Water FAQs - Turner
Solar Pasturization
Reverse Osmosis Chart

Portable Purifiers
Water Purifiers FAQ -Sweetwater

Water Catchment
Build a Rainbarrel System (DIY)
Rainwater Harvesting, Univ. of WA (pdf)
Texas Guide to Rainwater Harvesting (pdf)
American Rainwater Catchment Systems
Cisterns and Rainbarrels Basics (pdf)

Storage Methods
How To Store Water

Water, Domestic
Local Drinking Water Information
Surf Your Watershed
Groundwater Data for the Nation
Groundwater Levels
Water Resources of the US
Water FAQs - USGS

Water Contaminants
Does Your Ground Water Have Arsenic?
Arsenic Concentrations in US Groundwater - map
US Counties With Too Much Arsenic - map
Drinking Water Contaminants
How Contaminated Is Your Water?
Is Your Water at Risk? Check MTBE and Other Contaminants
Salinity Chart For Groundwater
Well FAQ