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updated August 11, 2016

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Survival Planning
Dare To Prepare – THE preparedness "Bible"
Surviving in the City
Practical Preparedness Test
Practical Preparedness Test – printable form
Survival Retreat vs. Neighborhood Survival
How To Get Out Alive: From Hurricanes to 9/11
Commuter Preparedness
10 Ways to Beef Up Your Immune System - every bit helps!
Surviving, "The Day After" by The Omega Man
Survival, Evasion, and Recovery - FM 21-76-1
Hiding Yourself To Escape Numbering Tips and Techniques to laying low and concealment. (PDF)
Aids To Survival - Western Australia Police Dept.'s Outback Survival Skills Manual
Backwoods Magazine Survival articles
Prep Moochers: When People Think They're Going to Live Off Your Preparedness Supplies...
Emergency Shortwave Listening Frequencies
Martial Law Survival Guide