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updated Jan. 8, 2019

Safety Precautions for Lye
Introduction To Soapmaking
How To Make Basic Soap
Hand-Milled Soap, Making
Hand-Milled Soap Additives
Essential Oils and Fragrances
Useable Fats and Oils
Supply List
Links for Soapmaking Supplies
Rendering Fat
Recipes, Page 1
Recipes, Page 2
Soap in a Blender, Making
Tips and Troubleshooting

Soapmaking Helpers
Conversion Calculator
Fragrance Calculator
Lye-to-Fat Ratio Chart
Lye Calculator
Capacity and Volume Converter
Saponification Chart
Temperature Converter
Weight Converter
Crafts/Skills, Misc.
Colloidal Silver & Generator, Make Your Own
Fabric Dying FAQ
Fabric Dying, Gradated
Building a Horno: the Adobe Bread Oven
Hand Pump, Build It!
Haying FAQ
Moccasins, Making
Pottery Making
Primitive Skills FAQ
Quilting FAQ
Rag Rugs, Making
Rural Living Skills
Sanitary Pads, Pattern for Sewing
Tanning Hides & the Preservation of Other Animal Parts
Tie Dye, How-To

Rope Making
Making Rope - with minimum equipment
Native American Cordage
Rope Works
Weaving and Cordage

Knots on the Web
Roper's Knots

Candle Holder, windproof, easy to make