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updated August 21, 2017

Garden Gold: Grow Maximum Veggies with Minimum Effort
Vegetable Gardening in Drought or Dry Climates
Gardening Online Fact Sheets
Seed Saving
Seed Starting - flowers, vegetables and herbs
Slug and Snail FAQ

Backyard Greenhouse, Build It!
CSU Cooperative Ext. Greenhouse Resources
Greenhouse Structures
Greenhouse Vegetable Production - NM State U.
Greenhouse Gardener's Companion
Greenhouse Heating Calculator
Greenhouse Heating Requirements
Preparing Your Greenhouse for Winter
Sherry's Own Greenhouse specs
Tom Uhll's Experience Building Sherry's Greenhouse

How Does a Composter Work
Composting With Red Wiggler Worms
Composting With Worms, guide to vermiculture
Starting a Worm "Compost Factory"

Free Hydroponic System Plans
Practical Hydroponics & Greenhouses Mag

Herbal Encyclopedia, The
Herbal Reference Guide
Herbs, Medicinal FAQ
Canners and Canning Supplies
Canning Books, Instructions and Recipes
Canning Equipment Basics
USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning - 1
USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning - 2
Canning and Freezing With Low or No Sugar
Canning Wild Game - Univ. of Wisc.
How to Can, Freeze, Dry, Preserve Any Fruit or Vegetable at Home
Preserving Food Safely - Univ. of Wisc.
Rec.Food.Preserving FAQ
Using Boiling Water-bath Canners
Using Pressure Canners

USDA Home Canning Guide, 2015
Intro and Table of Contents
Principles of Home Canning
Fruit and Fruit Products
Tomatoes and Tomato Products
Vegetables and Vegetable Products
Poultry, Red Meats, and Seafood
Fermented Foods and Pickled Vegetables
Jams and Jellies

Root Cellars
Building A Root Cellar
(Pallet) Root Cellar
Return of the Root Cellar
Root Cellar Food Storage Chart
Stocking a Root Cellar
Root Cellar Fundamentals —Year-Round Harvest

Soil Remineralization
Bread from Stones – free book
Survival of Civilization – free book