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updated Oct. 2, 2017

Storing Food Long-Term
How To

Food Planning Software
Deyo (Free) Software – US Measurements
Deyo (Free) Software – Metric
How to Use the Deyo Software
Don't Depend on Grocery Stores

Food Storage Programs
Esther Dickey's 40 + 4
Kearny's Survival Food Plan
Mormon Food Guide
Mormon Table of 4
Mormon 12 Month List
Mormon 52 Week List

Shelf Lives of Food
Extend Food's Shelf Live
Food Shelf Lives
Food Storage Charts - Cupboard
Food Storage Charts - Fridge & Freezer
Food Storage
Food Storage FAQs 3.5 (zipped)

Packing Your Own Foods
Desiccant Information
Mylar Bag Information

Oxygen Absorbers
General Information
Oxygen Absorber Packets

MREs and Heater Meals
General Info
Sources For MREs
Evaluation & Taste Tests
MRE Fast Facts
Recipes Using MREs

Eggs, Storing
Honey, Storing
Stored Food Pests FAQ
7 Major Mistakes Storing Food
Shelf Stable Milk FAQ
Storable Foods Suppliers