Expedient Shelter

A nuclear radiation shelter doesn't have to cost thousands. You can construct one from many things in your own home. This is just a sample. Surviving a nuclear attack involves three things: Time, Distance and Shielding. For shielding, Density is key.

Time: Radiation is no longer dangerous, for the most part, after 3 days. It's the "7/10 rule" which states that for every sevenfold increase in elapsed time, the radiation dose rate will decrease by a factor of 10. In other words, after 7 hours, the radiation has decayed by 90%. After 2 full days, it's lost 99% of it energy. After 3 days, it is generally safe to be outside. If you have a radiation detector, this is the best way to tell when it's safe to be outside. After two weeks, the "all clear" should be given.

Distance: The further away you are from ground zero, the better.

Shielding: There are better ways than others:

This is just one example of an expedient shelter that you can assemble at home.
Keep density of the protective materials foremost in mind.

The following chart gives you the best shielding protection: