10 Ways to Beef Up Your Immune System

updated Feb. 13, 2020

It may not seem like a big deal, but with all the weird diseases cropping up, a more severe flu season underway, an influx of noroviruses, SARS, MERS and Coronaviruses, not to mention bioterrorism, we have more reason than ever to get as healthy as possible. This list assumes no one is still dragging on cancer sticks or sinking poisonous dope into their body. If you haven't kicked the habit, make it the Numero Uno priority. Your body can't fight in the disease wars if you arm it with only blanks!

Organs and tissues of the immune system dot the body in a protective network of barriers to infection.
1. As soon as you learn of a bio-chem attack (if you are not already doing so), limit your intake of food so your body can devote more of its energies to the immune system rather than digesting dinner. Eat more raw foods, vegetables and juices.

2. One of the best things you can do is load up on antioxidants. "C" is one of the best vitamins to take. Store plenty of the natural variety with rosehips and bioflavinoids. Some recommendations suggest as much as 1000 mg. of C every two hours which requires fruit or juice intake so it doesn't make you sick.

Antioxidants Vitamin E and B6 have reputations for boosting the immune system as does Vitamin A which helps ward off infections to the eyes, respiratory system and gastrointestinal tract.

For coronavirus immune boosting, the CDC recommends adding sublingual Folate and D3. Stan bought ours at Amazon though it's probably available at most health food stores. Many grocery stores carry these vitamins though not nessarily the under-the-tongue variety.

3. Eat organic foods as much as possible. No one needs pesticides in his system.

4. Remove the "white" foods from the diet: white rice, white flour products and white (refined) sugar. Two cans of soft drink can approximately 24 tsps of sugar - enough to suppress the immune system for five hours. If you're grazing all day on pop and sweets, what ammo does you body have to fight disease?

5. People who are in tiptop shape - those who are physically active and have not subsisted on junk food will have the best chance of fighting these poisons naturally. It's never too late to exercise! Not only does exercise rev up the immune system, it relieves stress - something that makes us more susceptible to disease.

6. Give your body plenty of rest and water. Burning the candle at both ends depletes the body of disease-fighting capabilities.

7. Grapeseed extract is a good idea as well as raw garlic. Raw garlic exists through the lungs which is what the biological agents are most likely to attack. Raw garlic has both antibacterial and anti-viral aspects. Place raw garlic into a glass of tomato juice and add one small clove. Drink every six hours.

8. Tea tree oil is reputed to be very good for treating bacterial infections of the skin. Apply to cuts, wounds and sores.

9. Colloidal silver is also purported to have antibacterial, anti-viral effects as well. Again, check with your naturopath for the correct dosage as too much colloidal silver, over time, may cause a permanent graying of the skin - a condition known as argyria. For shorter periods of time, use one dropper full of every six hours.

10. Powerful blood cleansers include these three natural herbs: Echinacea, Goldenseal and olive leaf extract - all available in health food stores. Take at the first sign of illness.

NOTE: Please understand that Stan and I are NOT offering this as medical advice, purely as food for thought.