How to Use Your Radiological Instruments
(Survey Meter and Dosimeter) to Find the Best
Shelter and Minimize Your Exposure to Radiation

Read all of the following instructions BEFORE you attempt to operate the instruments.


Your survey meter indicates the rate at which your body is being exposed to radiation It is used to help you find the best shelter from radiation and to asist your to evaluate shielding improvements you may make in you shelter. They survey meter tells you the rate, in Roentgens per hour, at which you are being exposed to radiation from fallout just as the speedometer of an automobile tells you the rate of speed, in miles per hour, you are traveling. This survey meter will measure radiation from zero to 500 Roentgens per hour (R/hr).


1. Open case by unfastening two case clips, and remove case bottom.

2. Insert standard "D" cell (pictured right) by placing + end of the battery against clip marked +.