This afternoon while stacking bricks, my mind danced away to more stimulating arenas. I drifted back to an e-mail received shortly after Stan and I moved to rural Ballarat in May. "Suzy", probably well-meaning, publicly stated we had begun too late in our emergency preparations. Being part Irish, my initial mental response was "and what business was it of hers" followed by "she has no clue what we've already accomplished!" If we were 'no-hopers' at this stage, what about the folks just now waking up? How would they feel hearing this? I became irritated all over again at the Suzies of the world committing a big no-no -- taking away people's hope.

Many people have written letters of thanks for the information posted or for Stan's Shaker Maps or the newsletters, etc. What saddens us are letters from people who are without funds to provide storables or hampered by ill health or have spouses who refuse to acknowledge these dangerous times or people frustrated with zero storage space. How do we help those folks?

The answer isn't easy unless we turn to God for help. We are looking at many potential disasters dead in the eye; worsening El Ninos and even more erratic weather, earthquakes, tsunamis, flooding, volcanoes, biowarfare, terrorism, building Middle East tensions, hurricane season (which is expected to be "interesting" for the next decade), heatwaves, impending stock market adjustment/crash, asteroid/meteor impact, the numbering, New World Order, Armageddon, new and mutating viruses, civil unrest, martial law, corrupt governments. IT'S ENOUGH TO MAKE A SANE PERSON LOSE IT!

With odds stacked against us, humanity isn't going to come out a winner unless he is a Believer. When overwhelming thoughts of these challenges get the upper hand, it's because I've slipped back into the driver's seat and temporarily relegated God to passenger status. New Age folks might term it as "not living in the light" or "not living in love". Whatever the point of reference, we are momentarily not living in the manner we should, allowing fear to take over.

Here are two experiences excerpted from "Gail's Story - Visions of the Latter Days" by Allyn L. Rigby, August 21, 1996 illustrating the power of Faith and God's guidance:

With the amount of potential chaos facing us, it is unreasonably optimistic to think we are all going to escape unscathed. Conversely, NONE of us know when these events will strike nor with what force nor where. In light of this timetable question, it is NEVER too late to begin. Do what you can with the means at your disposal. Have Faith in God to provide the rest and do what you can to wake those around you.

A friend who is in civil emergency preparedness once stated. "The worst threat I see in any disaster is the willingness of those who did not prepare ahead to harm those who did, and the unwillingness of those who prepared to assist those who didn't. I want to use my skills and planning to benefit not only my family, but my community. I want to know others who feel the same way." Well, David, so do I and wish we were neighbors!

It is NEVER too late unless you lose sight of God or give up. Never.

Holly Deyo

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