The Promise by Tom DuBois

Why Christians Should Prepare

Frequently Stan and I are asked "Why do I need to prepare? God will provide," often citing Matthew 6:25. Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes?

If we look at scripture above beginning with verse 20, we see God is instructing us how to prioritize our life. We are to focus on Him first and not "worship mammon" (money) through accumulation of "treasures" and worldly goods. It doesn't say anything about not preparing in the face of danger.

Genesis illustrates this point well.

Genesis 41 (KJV) or Genesis 41 (NIV) recount the story of Pharaoh's dream of a seven year famine in Egypt. The dream shows him seven ugly, scrawny cows eating seven healthy, fat cows. Despite this, the scrawny cows remain ugly. Following this, Pharaoh dreams of seven heads of grain growing on a single stalk. These thin, withered, scorched heads sprout and swallow up the healthy grain. Pharaoh is stumped to understand these warnings and calls on Joseph to interpret them.

Joseph explains about the coming terrible times. Pharaoh is told there will be seven years of great abundance in Egypt followed by seven years of horrific famine. Joseph shares that God showed him the famine in two illustrations (the cows and the grain), because this event is cast in stone. It will occur.

Joseph counsels Pharaoh to find a wise man and put him in charge of Egypt. Pharaoh heeds the warning and asks his officials if they know of any man filled with the Spirit of God for this job.

Pharaoh asks Joseph to take on this huge task and promises Joseph he'll be his second-in-command for all Egypt. Because Joseph prepared for this coming famine, he was able to save the entire house of Israel ensuring the birth of Christ the Messiah.

Rev. 12:6 indicates that during Tribulation even though horrendous events will take place, the Lord will send His people on Earth at that time to a place of protection and provide for their needs.

However, between now and Tribulation, we are to take personal responsibility as illustrated by this anecdote from Dare To Prepare.


When Tom heard the emergency advisory on TV warning of the coming flood, he shrugged it off. "I'm staying put--God will provide!"

When the cop cars drove through the neighborhood urging evacuation over loudspeakers, he thought, "Yep, God'll provide," and stayed put.

When the water was two feet high, the National Guard ordered Tom out but he wouldn't budge. Water covered everything Tom could see including the first floor of his home. He leaned out of a second story window and waved off the rescue boat.

He felt safe; "God would provide".

He ignored the helicopter as he clung to the chimney. The house floated down-river yet Tom shouted into the wind, "Go away; I trust in God's Providence!"

After drowning, Tom stood before the Lord bitter and angry. God let him die despite trusting in Him and demanded an explanation.

God replied, "Tom, I did help you. I spoke to you through the announcer and police. Who do you think sent the warnings, the truck, boat and helicopter?"

It's not a matter of not trusting God. Instead of being a victim, it is choosing to take an active part in your survival. It is digesting information we have available and making the best possible choices. It is doing the best we can with what we have. It is not waiting for our governments to bail us out of the next disaster. They may not be able to do so. It means taking personal responsibility. It IS daring to prepare!"

Please don't be swayed by well-meaning folks who say it is OK to do nothing. This is the time, with God's help, that we are to do what we can to help others and ourselves, and not be chair-warmers. In fact, scripture specifically addresses preparing: If anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for his immediate family, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever. 1Tim 5:8 (NIV)

As pointed out previously, a lot can happen between now and Rapture. We are very likely going to experience another terrorist attack. Should it be agro-terror - something that affects our food supply - the time to put away necessary goods is now.

The October 2002 West Coast port strike where 10,500 dock workers and their employers let food rot on the wharf, cost the US economy $1 - $2 BILLION daily. Should their strike have continued beyond when Pres. Bush ordered them back to work, it could have had catastrophic effects on your ability to put food on the table.

Unemployment in many parts of America is escalating and health care costs are skyrocketing. Despite what Wall St. wizards say, our economy is not healthy. It began sliding during the Clinton years and plummeted with 9-11.

Do weather patterns seem normal? Have natural disasters receded in any manner? There's no longer a question whether or not weather has become more erratic, more severe, though the cause is hotly debated.

Look at the graph to the right to see how much natural disasters have escalated in the past few years. Much of this is due to greater energy output from the Sun. Without question, weather is wilder and more extreme than even a decade ago. While we can not control the Sun's activity and the resulting weather phenomena, we can take action to protect ourselves and our families.

Too many new and resurging diseases are rising epidemically. Government officials estimate there are 900,000 AIDS cases in the US. (Source New York Times July 8, 02) Globally 40 million people are HIV-positive reports the CDC with 100 million cases expected by 2010.

As of Dec. 2002, the CDC reported over 3800 cases of West Nile Virus, a nearly-unknown disease until two years ago. Dengue Fever is at the Mexico-Texas line. How long will it be before an infected mosquito jumps the border? What would happen should smallpox come into our country? Would you want to hop down to the nearest grocery? These factors too can affect how you provide for your family and to what extent.

Having stored goods - food - water - first aid - general supplies - is only prudent.

One last comment on preparedness for Christians. Should the Great Catching Away occur pre-Trib as many feel it will (and Stan and I pray it does), we hope those left behind find our supplies. We want those stored goods, which include a Bible, to sustain them until they make a decision for the Lord. Those new Christians will be under the law of no buying or selling without taking the mark and will need assistance.

So you see, there are many reasons for Christians to prepare and be good stewards of resources. Set an example for other Christians by being a responsible citizen and a faithful provider.

1TI 5:8 But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.

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