Disaster Preparedness Products
updated Sept. 18, 2011

B & A Products - Alpine Aire Foods, water purifiers, books, videos, Earth changes maps and products, emergency preparedness articles, emergency heat, first aid kits, camping items, chemical light sticks, much more

Bass Pro Shops - camping, fishing, hunting, hiking gear, water sports, automotive, marine, footwear, and more. Shop on-line or in one of their nationwide stores.

C Crane Company - radios, transceivers, books, telephones and accessories, antennas, computer peripherals, optics, batteries and chargers

Cabelas - fishing, hunting and outdoor gear, more top quality products

Campmor - bicycling, books and toys, camping items, climbing gear, clothing, communications, compasses and orienteering, first aid, food, footwear, insect deterrents, kitchenware, knives, lights and lanterns, packs, personal care, sleeping gear, socks, stoves, summer camp supplies, sunglasses, ski goggles and binoculars, survival, tents, watches, water bottles, water filtration/purification, watersports, weather gadgets, web bargains, winter travel

CampCo - products for camping, sports, personal security and fishing.

Coleman - lanterns, coolers, tents, stoves, battery lights, sleeping bags and canoes

COPE International-USA - smoke and gas masks, water purification, antibacterial handwash, go kits, 72 hour kits, first aid kits, pet first aid kits, emergency radios, self-inflating mattress, meals ready-to-eat (MRE), lights, EcoFuel, accessories. COPE-USA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that sells MREs at low price as part of their emergency preparedness program.

Cover-Yur-Basics - sprouting supplies & seeds, emergency medical supplies, grinders, radios - BayGen & accessories, Aladdin lamps - & accessories, hurricane lanterns, survival books and tapes, emergency candles

Dartmouth Co-op - outdoor clothing and equipment store and catalog, with online shoppin.

Dry Store, The - dehydrators and accessories, jerky makings

Earth Shakes - emergency food, water, survival supplies and equipment to support the aftermath of major earthquakes, natural disasters and earth changes.

Emergency Essentials - Provident Pantry foods, one year supplies food storage, water purification and storage, MREs, books, videos, 72 hour kits, communication, shelter, tools, firestarters, backpacks. tents, outdoor cooking, plus much more, preparedness software

Emergency Products Kits - American Red Cross and Coast Guard approved products in their emergency kits, with 5 year shelf lives, disaster prep information

Emergency Resources - storable foods, first aid kits, disaster supplies and equipment, Israeli gas mask/filter, potassium iodate, water storage containers and treatment, camping items
Emergency Supply Center, The - home and office equipment fastening systems, earthquake gas shutoff valves, 72 hour survival kits, first aid kits, disaster supplies equipment and products

Epicenter - emergency kits, tools and accessories, general safety items power related products, light related items, books and tapes, food and water supplies, fire prevention, backpacks, military surplus and more

Essentials 2000 - new website geared to storable foods and water with more products coming on-line.

Global Earthquake Response Center - home and office fasteners

Homestead Products - grain mills, water filters, Aladdin lamps, other quality simple-lifestyle & outdoors products

Hot Products, Inc. - AquaFire woodburning demand water heaters.

Internet Grocer - MREs, books, many survival foods-dehydrated and dried, one year plans, canned cheese, organics, non-hybrid seeds, water filters, storage contains, grain grinders, bulk spices

Krill Lights - Cost effective alternative to chemical light sticks; an electronic waterproof lamp, get 120+ hours of light from 2 AA batteries, comes in 6 colors, 5" in length, 1" diam., on-off capabilities, rugged, indefinite shelf life, weighs 3 ounces.

Lehman's Non-Electric Catalog

Lodge Mfg - manufacturer of Dutch Ovens

Natural Meals Publishing - Rita Bingham's books: Natural Meals In Minutes; Country Beans; 1-2-3 Smoothies; Food Combining; Passport To Survival; Quick Wholesome Foods

NITRO-PAK Preparedness Center - 72hr. kits and supplies, mylar bags, emergency blankets, water storage & filters, sanitation, kitchen & grain mills first-aid, lighting, fire & heat , solar products, security & protection, nite-vision gas mask & gear, books

Northridge Valve - earthquake automatic gas shut-off valve. installs between the gas meter and your home

Oil Lamp Man, The - Aladdin lamps and replacement parts, Kosmos Frenchbrass oil lamps and parts, wicks, lanterns, electric converters, tripods, collars and shades, more
On-Line Health Products - grain mills, dehydrators, water purification, vacuum packaging machines, juicers

OZ Surplus - tents and camping gear, knives, torches, cookware, clothing, sleeping bags, and more

Pioneer Emergency Preparedness - specialize in solar/dynamo-powered am/fm shortwave radios and flashlights

Professional Marketing Group - vacuum packers, dehydrators and accessories, specialty barbecue grills, turbo convection ovens, juicers, food preparation items, vacuum bags & canisters, jar sealers, kitchen items, yogurt starter kits, jerky press & spices and more

Quake Pro - offers a variety of safety products, fastening devices, water filtration and includes earthquake and natural disaster links and information.

Ready Made Resources - many food resources in addition to electronic equipment; non-electric appliances; cooking equipment; Swiss Armyknives; water purifiers; nuclear, chem. & bio. protection equipment ; solar energy products

REI - camping and hiking equipment, dried foods, water purifying systems, maps, store locator, 8000 products on-line

Restop - portable and emergency sanitation - unique concept!

Safe-T-Proof - equipment and appliance fasteners, emergency food and preparedness products, gun locks

SafetyStore - One-Stop Safety and Preparedness Catalog - one-stop resource for safety, first aid, preparedness, and rescue products: first aid kits, medical tools, home safety, flood & storm safety tips, child safety, earthquake safety tips, pet safety, earthquake preparedness kits, first aid kits & supplies, earthquake and furniture fasteners, outdoor survival gear, fire safety tips, medical tools and gear, outdoor safety, business disaster consulting, search and rescue gear, books & videos, business safety and preparedness products

Safety Gear HQ - self defense products including stun guns, mace pepper spray

Sam Andy - survival tools and equipment, camping gear, blankets, ponchos, stoves and fuels, cookware, mess kits, water and water storage, survival kits, food paks and specialty foods

Search Gear Catalog - full online catalog of search and rescue equipment and "personal adventure equipment," order online with secure ordering, 33 product categories.

Sierra Trading Post - mail order catalog selling products at 35-70% off

Sorbent Systems - oxygen absorbers, desiccants, mylar bags, heat sealers, self-packing kits

Sportmans Dream, A - An index of outfitters and guides that offer hunting trips, and manufactures of sporting equipment.

Sportsman's Guide, The - selection of hunting, camping, military surplus gear and more.

Stickler (The) - attaches to your car wheel for easy, quick, effortless log splitting. Clever idea! Movie on web site shows how it's done.

Survival Center, The - 72 hours kits, food storage, freeze dried and air dried foods, books on prep and prophesy, grain mills, military surplus, underground shelters, water storage, medical kits, wilderness supplies

Survival Unlimited - radios, Baygen products, first aid kits, battery chargers, canned fuel, solar ovens, firestarters, bulk foods, nitro-pak food, buckets and supplies, lanterns, water filters and water storage, grain mills, mylar bags, oxygen absorbers, diatomaceous earth, heat sealers, military surplus, more

Survivor Industries - 72-hour and first aid kits of varying sizes, Mainstay food rations

Turners Outdoormen - everything for fishing, camping and hunting including Baygens, lanterns, cooking items, knives, cameras, Foodsaver products and supplies

United States Plastic Corp. - water storage drum, food storage containers, bags, buckets, and much more.

Walton Feed - very large website with storable and organic foods, grain mills, water purifiers, and lots of information and preparedness articles, many preparedness products, non-hybrid seeds, books, on-line catalog of 1124 items

WaterTanks.com - storage for 1 liter drinking water bottles to 55 gallon barrels, 200 gallon collapsible bag-in-a-box to 5,000 gallon, polyethylene water tanks, 50,000 gallon collapsible containers to everything in-between. Here you will also find everything there is to know about water and water storage, from articles and info to how to treat and store water to important facts on water to the best preparedness links on the net.