Alternatives to Storing Wheat

Greetings Mrs. Deyo,

My reason for this correspondence is about a remark you made while on Mr. Quayle's program concerning wheat or gluten allergies which people should be aware of in their food provisions.

I have been healing from food allergies for several years, since God finally opened my eyes to the reason I was not feeling so well. I came across last year a number of alternative grains to wheat which might be an addition to your reservoir of knowledge in helping people.

The grain I utilize now in a mix or by itself is called spelt. It is an ancient hulled wheat, that for me and many people has been a welcome wheat substitute in being low gluten and just enough difference genetically to "fool" the body.

Ohio produces most of this grain and it is sweet with a slight nutty flavor. There are both white and brown flours available. I can only relate that the brown is moister and a bit crumbly when baked in bars and cakes.

Another wheat is Kamut or Pharaoh wheat which was discovered in a tomb in Egypt is supposed to be excellent. It's unavailable here, but grown in Montana.

I have tried millet flour, but it is horrid in being strong and ruins whatever it is in. Molasses is the only thing I have found which will hide it.

Strangely, hulled millet boiled as a breakfast cereal or in salads is actually very good though, it just is not palatable in bread.

Another grain which I have used boiled is quinoa pronounced Keen Wah. It has to be washed before boiling as it has a bitter soapy film on it. It's crunchy and a lot better than oatmeal and I have not had problems with meal worms.

In that light, while rye flour can be strong, rolled rye is very good when made like oatmeal or in cookies.

A grain a little less flavorful but better tasting than oats is barley. Barley flour works well in a mix, but to me, is slightly more bland or chaffy tasting.

I hope that information might be of value to you sometime in helping someone. I have always been a gardener and worked in various vocations of invention, but I consider this affliction to be a great blessing in the vast amount of knowledge from God and His leading discovery, to explore from my current testing heirloom potatoes and vegetables in open pollination and the relation to the natural balance of vibrational frequencies of the body. (I believe both your husband and yourself will comprehend the facts based on Biblical laws that God instructed people to not cross or hybridize animals or crops...even so far as not mixing different fabrics.

What American agriculture and industry have done is violated those natural laws, so that the open pollinated and breeding have so limited the body's vast need in firing the chemical reactions for health. I firmly believe by God's Wisdom that all those plants and animals we are eating now are so vibrationally out of the norm....that our cell structure is changing to reflect hybrids and is the reason our bodies are attacking themselves in auto immune diseases like a plague now. Our bodies do not even recognize themselves anymore so attempt to destroy the foreign invader.)

I do believe that if people would simply return to growing and eating open pollinated and varied foods that many of the diseases cropping up now would go away as the body healed itself. I believe that is one of the key messages in the quantum physics message God continually threads through the Bible.....harmony is vital.....people must be living at a base frequency with God, His world and ourselves...then we are complete or at peace.

This year I grew, ate and ran cooking tests on blue potatoes and was pleased with the flavor. Then the other night I happened to eat once again production red potatoes. I was astounded by the revelation of ever eating something so tasteless.

I know everyone can not garden, nor in the times ahead are going to have the ability to do it, but if the information could just be out there and shared one person at a time...that there is help and alternatives that are cost-feasible.....a lot of miserable people are going to find hope.