Firearms Links
Updated November 13, 2018


Gun Owners of America
8001 Forbes Place, Suite 102
Springfield VA 22151
PH: 703-321-8585
FX: 703-321-8408

National Rifle Association, The
For gun ownership supporters, it is the premiere organization. This site provides many services, maintains a large educational library and posts regular updates on gun-related legislation and issues.

Sporting Shooters Association of Australia Inc.
P.O. Box 906
St. Marys, NWS 1790
Phone: 02-9623-4900
Fax: 02-9623-5900

USPSA - United States Practical Shooting Association
Membership allows you to test your pistol skills against others in IPSC matches held around the country.

Additional Links and Information

Airsoft Tactics – This isn't your baby's Boy Scouts. They are well-trained, despite silly females who demand entrance into their organization. As a Senior Cadet Girl Scout, I can assure that males would not have been welcome in Troop 76. It would have been weird especially on overnights. However we are HUGE supporters of Scouts learning firearms. It gives them early training for ROTC and as experts in civil defense. Sstupid Liberals want to ban firearms until their pants are in a panic. Then it will be a Scout, an ROTC, a military or a police that bales them out. So thank a soldier, thank a Scout, thank a Boy Scout that gets it. – excellent ammo selection for handguns and long guns, bulk ammo, rimfire ammo and specials. Useful info found in their Articles section.

Mikes Shooters Supplies - very good information about for cleaning, equipment, maintenance, etc.
Michael S. Orwan
21 Overview Drive
Hummelstown, PA 17036
717-566-5778 (EST)

Firearms Safety & Children FAQ

Rec.guns On The Web gun safety, firearm links, commercial sites, NRA, how to buy a used firearm.

Chestnut Ridge Supply lots links on safety, firearms, ammunition sources and general information.

Champion Firearms Corp. - internet specials, pistols, rifles, shotguns, knives, holsters, reloading supplies, law enforcement, magazines, ammunition, accessories, items, ordering information, links, gun shows, federal firearm license holders, FAQs, firearm discussion board.
2404B Texas Avenue South
College Station, Texas 77840
Telephone: (409)-693-9948
FAX: (409)-696-6340

(USPSA) The US Practical Shooters Association - helpful information on shooting classes explaining exactly what equipment is needed. It also discusses useful tips. If you are new to firearms or have young people who want to learn sport shooting, classes are an excellent idea.

Shooters' Online Services - considered by some to be "the web encyclopaedia of shooting". Many helpful articles are contained on this site.

Firearms Manufacturers and Distributors

Century International Arms
Hoppe's Catalog - gun cleaning kits
Rugar Firearms
Springfield Armory
Taurus International


Bushnell - scopes
Shepherd Enterprises - scopes