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Updated September 18, 2011

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Avoiding Earthquake Damage: Homeowners Checklist -- 377 KB PDF file
Earthquake, Protecting Your Property From

Extreme Heat

Fire and Wildfire

Fire Safety During or After a Disaster
Fire, House and Building
Wildland Fires (Factsheet and Backgrounder) -- 148 KB PDF file
Avoiding Wildfire Damage: Homeowners Checklist -- 181 KB PDF file
Wildfire: Are You Prepared? -- 336 KB PDF file
Wildfires, Protecting Your Property From

Floods and Flashfloods
Avoiding Flood Damage: Homeowners Checklist -- 179 KB PDF file
Flooding, Protecting Your Property From
Hazardous Materials
Hazardous Materials in the Home -- 27 KB PDF file
Hazardous Materials Accidents
Finding Hazards in the Home
Hurricane and Tornado Mitigation
Landslides and Mudflows
Nuclear Power Plant Emergency -- 34 KB PDF file
Radiological Accidents

Terrorism Backgrounder
Thunderstorms and Lightning Booklet -- 103 KB PDF file
Tornado Safe Rooms
Hurricane and Tornado Mitigation
Taking Shelter from the Storm -- 4.48 MB PDF file
Surviving the Storm for Tornadoes -- 1.3 MB PDF file
Protecting Your Home


Wind, Protecting Your Property From
Winter Driving
Winter Preparedness Safety Tips
Winter Storms


SafeSide is a cooperative program between the Weather Channel and The Red Cross - Topics covered are: What to do before, during and after the event, creating a preparedness plan and disaster supply kit. On-line Emergency Pamphlets lists below. They also cover breaking weather, tropical storms, and weather for US and International cities.

Winter Weather

Australasian Disaster and Hazard Research Directory - This directory was initially concerned with hazards in Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Fiji, Tonga, New Caledonia, Western Samoa, American Samoa, the Cook Islands and French Polynesia. The directory is concerned primarily with research related to natural hazards. Information about research on human and animal epidemic diseases and on insect infestations has been included, providing the work has a strong hazard component. Excluded from the directory are environmental hazards such as land degradation, salinization, soil erosion, etc. and greenhouse/ global warming issues, unless there is an extreme event emphasis, for example, tropical cyclones, earthquakes, bushfires, storm surge, flood, etc.

(AGSO) Australian Geological Survey Organization - geoscientific databases covering earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides, petroleum information, gravitational maps

Bureau of Meteorology, Australia - weather, climate, flood; warnings, alerts, advisories

CIA World Factbook 2001 - factbook organized by country

DERA - Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Response Association - to assist communities worldwide in disaster preparedness, response and recovery, linking professionals, volunteers and organizations in all phases of emergency preparedness and management.

Disaster Resource Guide - sources for prevention and mitigation of disaster as well as resources for response, resumption, recovery, and restoration after disaster

Disaster Locator Map - Federally Declared Disasters by Calendar Year - clickable map state-by-state from FEMA

Earth Alert - from Discovery Online - weekly reports and mapping of earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, global warming, weather extremes, drought, health issues, wildfires, lightning, birds and insects

Environment Canada's Green Lane - English or French site covering Weather Services, Climate Services, Climate Change, Ozone Depletion, Air Quality, El Nino , Summer Severe Weather

Equipped to Survive - nonprofit information center with detailed preparedness information covering a good selection of emergencies; test your survival knowledge with "Survival Trivia", excellent site

European Community Humanitarian Office - new Disaster Preparedness, Information, and Mitigation Program for Natural Disasters in the Caribbean. The program is conducted through the ECHO Regional Office of the Caribbean. The Web site offers the program's action plan, a preliminary study of the region, descriptions of the numerous projects now being supported by the program, and descriptions of ECHO emergency operations in the region. All information is provided in English, Spanish, and French.

FEMA Mapping - Mapping of Current Declared Disaster Areas

Geologic Hazards Database - Natural Hazards Data Resources Directory from NOAA covers avalanche, earthquake, geotechnical, landslides, radon, tsunami and volcanic

Grunt's Homepage For Survivalists - information on survival kits, food, fire, links, water, shelter, self defense

Hazards and Risks Virtual Library - Charles Sturt University - excellent global resource covering a wide selection of disasters

HazardNet - data, maps and images drawn from a variety of services around the world

Home Storage and Emergency Preparation

International Emergency Telephone Numbers

Natural Hazards Center - from University of Colorado, Boulder. Clearinghouse for information on natural hazards and human adjustments to hazards and disasters.

Natural Hazards Data - from National Geophysical Data Center (a branch of NOAA). Natural hazards such as earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanoes affect both coastal and inland areas. Long-term data from these events, including photographs, can be used to establish the past record of natural hazard event occurrences. These data are also important for planning, response, and mitigation of future events.

NESDIS (National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service, a branch of NOAA) - latest imagery for significant events such as fires, volcanoes, floods, tropical storms, oil spills, ice, dust storms, storms, and other categories


NOAA's National Geophysical Data Center - manages environmental data in the fields of marine geology and geophysics, paleoclimatology, solar-terrestrial physics, solid earth geophysics, and glaciology (snow and ice). In each of these fields, NGDC also operates a large World Data Center.

NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - 'nuff said!

Preparedness Nuggets - preparedness book downloadable or read on-line - information on nearly every prep topic you can name

Survival & Self-Reliance Studies Institute central database of practical, accurate, reliable and interesting news, articles and product information from all sources regarding self-reliance & survival. This information ranges from Day-To-Day survival tips in a technological era, to momentary crises situations, to local, regional and global catastrophe.

Survival Bible 2001 from the Frugal Squirrel's Homepage for Patriots, Survivalists, and Gun Owners. Links to other survival pages.

Walton Self Reliance Pages gives guidance in how much food and water to store for emergencies. Lots of other links such as their "Old Timer's Page" for information on the lost arts of survivalism.

Worldwatch Institute Online - nonprofit public organization dedicated to informing policymakers and the public about emerging global problems and trends and the complex links between the world economy and its environmental support systems.

Caribbean Disaster Emergency Response Agency
Emergency Management Australia (EMA)
Emergency Preparedness Canada
Home Office (United Kingdom) Emergency Planning Division
Hong Kong Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD)
New Zealand
New Zealand Earthquake Commission
Transport Canada
Singapore Civil Defense Force
Swiss Federal Nuclear Safety Inspectorate
Help After a Disaster