General Supplies (72hr List) At Home


This list is whittled to bare essentials for three days' survival at home. Many other items would certainly be nice, but for those on a strict budget, plan your gear around these core supplies. Any additional supplies can be added to suit personal taste and budget. Where quantities aren't noted, assume only one of this item is needed. Suggested amounts are for one person only, especially in the area of water consumption. The exception to this rule is the First Aid Kit. These medical items were planned with a small family in mind.

These 72-hour survival kits should be packed and kept in or close to your safe room. Preparation is merely good common sense.

The List

Camping Gear
First Aid Kit
Sleeping Bag, Bedroll, Swag or Thermal Blankets
Foam Pads to go under sleeping bag, bedroll, etc. especially for the elderly
Food and Water
Flashlight and extra batteries

Complete change of comfortable clothing*
Current prescription glasses
Gas Mask, especially if you are in one of the top 120 major cities for terror attacks
Underwear, 2 sets

*The majority of people will need to consider seasonal changes. Every season, update your stored change of clothes for the appropriate weather conditions. For winter, if you are under a bio-chemical attack, furnaces and fireplaces should be blocked off and the interior heat may drop to a chilly temperature, include coats, hats, gloves, thermal underwear, snow boots and clothes for layering. For Summer, without air conditioning, you don't need heavy sweats and thermal undies!

Communication Items
Radio (hand cranked or battery powered; if battery, include extra batteries)
Cell phone (it might work)
Note pad
Pencil, Pen
Phone numbers and addresses of friends/family
$200 in cash and change (during times of disaster, charge cards and checks can't be verified)*

*Money is always hard to tuck away and pretend it isn't there, but in this instance, it is a necessity. One can't assume to put expenditures on credit cards during a crisis. Think about it. Whenever you make a purchase, it is always verified by a telephoned authorization number. If phone lines are down and these numbers are not obtainable, chances are your purchase won't be allowed.

Latrine And General Hygiene
Liquid Bleach and Eyedropper (sprinkle in portable toilet to keep down bacteria and smell)
Surgical Gloves, three pair (these are inexpensive and can be obtained in discount stores)
Toilet Paper, one roll per person
Trash Bags (three, for human waste and misc. rubbish)

Personal Hygiene
Body/Hand Lotion
Comb and Brush
Dental Floss
Liquid Soap for personal washing
Premoistened Towelettes
Tampons/Sanitary napkins

Infant Supplies (if applicable)
Baby Powder
Blanket, spare
Bottles, spare
Diapers, disposable
Pre-Moistened Towelettes
Teething Ring

Book for Pleasure Reading
Deck of Playing Cards and Board Games
Fire Extnguisher
Multi-Purpose Tool with knife, pliers, screwdrivers
Swiss Army Knife

Pet Care (if applicable)
Food and Food Bowl
Toys or Chew Bone
Water and Water Bowl, one gallon (4 liters) per dog per day. For a cat, it is about 1 pint.*
Newspaper or litter box (some place pets can feel it is OK to use)

*(Even if it is a small animal, plan on the unexpected. SOMEBODY will undoubtedly spill their day's ration and the pet's water can be used in extreme emergency.)

Senior Care (if applicable)
Denture Care Items
Batteries, extra (for hearing aids)
Eye Glasses
Heart and/or Blood Pressure Medications
Oxygen, Portable (extra tanks and hoses if this is required)
Special Dietary Items
Warmer Clothing (generally the elderly have trouble with poor circulation and get cold easier.)

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