Aerobic Stabilized Oxygen FAQ

Q.       What is special about E.D. Goodloe's Aerobic Stabilized OxygenTM

A.        It's the only product on the market that is molecular stabilized oxygen in an aqueous nontoxic solution. These oxygen molecules are identical to those produced in the breathing process.  Never before has oxygen been stabilized in such a form.

Q.       Why did you change the name from Aerobic 07 to Aerobic Stabilized Oxygen?TM

A.        In memory of Mr. Goodloe. The company wishes to distance itself from all "Aerobic 07" products on the market misleading the public into believing they sell Mr. Goodloe's molecular stabilized oxygen!

Q.       How long has this product been on the market?

A.        Since Mr. Goodloe first introduced it in Dallas, Texas 30 years ago.  Our company continues to maintain the same high quality and integrity of the product.

Q.       What is the difference between your oxygen and similar products?

A.        1.  We are the only product on the market living up to its reputation; it kills harmful anaerobes on contact while stimulating beneficial bacteria (normal flora).   2.  We are neither a food nor dietary supplement with trace minerals.  3.  No expiration date needed for stabilized molecular oxygen. 

Q.       When and how often can I use ASO?

A.        Anytime, anywhere, anyplace.... before, during or after eating.

Q.       Can Aerobic Stabilized Oxygen give me more energy?

A.        Yes, health = energy.  The word  "aerobic" pertains to oxygen, one of the reasons aerobic exercise is so important for health.   However, our tests show athletes and active people do have more energy and stamina after taking 20 drops in water or juice 3 times daily.

Q.       How effective is ASO in questionable drinking water or other liquids?

A.        Very effective.  It selectively kills harmful bacteria, microorganisms on contact and extends the shelf life of liquids for storage.  No need to boil water.  Keep a bottle everywhere.... at home, business, car, when traveling and your first-aid kit.  Our "PSI" lab report shows 10 drops of ASO in 8 oz. of water kills the organism Giardia lamblia in just 2 1/2 minutes!

Q.       How long can I store ASO?

A.        Indefinitely. The stabilization of oxygen molecules in ASO prevents it from dissipating.

Q.       Does this oxygen replace the shortage of oxygen in the air we breathe?

A.        No shortage of oxygen in the air exists. Oxygen is lacking in food grown with chemicals in depleted soil.

Q.       How do you suggest I store Aerobic Stabilized OxygenTM?

A.        At room temperature with no refrigeration.  Keep out of direct sunlight and/or fluorescent lighting.

Q.       Can I use too much ASO?

A.        No!  ASO is nontoxic and not a drug.  We know of no side effects when used as directed.

Q.       Why do other products advise sublingual use?

A.        To prevent dissipation before becoming effective.... ASO will not dissipate when ingested. It effectively enables oxygen molecules to circulate in the bloodstream and strengthens the immune system.

Q.       What is dissolved oxygen?

A.        Truthfully, there is no such thing.

Q.       What about topical use such as cuts or sunburns?

A.        Aerobic Stabilized OxygenTM is safe to use on superficial cuts and small area burns.       

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