77,000 TONS of waste. . .
an estimated 90 - 590 accident en route. . . unless we stop them. Contact:,
Call your U.S. Senators at 202 224-3121 today to protect your family and community

This summer Congress votes on the plan to ship those 77,000 tones of radioactive waste to a nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain in southern Nevada, a seismically active site with an unstable water table. Independent scientists say we do not understand the geology and water flow of the site well enough to guarantee the safety of the waste there.* Citizens who think that Yucca Mountain will get the waste out of their back yards need to know the truth opening this waste dump will just allow the nuclear industry to move out the old waste so they can keep making new waste at their power plants.

Amid news that escaped prisoners managed to board a train carrying nuclear waste in North Carolina,** concern about terrorism and the safety of shipments across the country is rising. If Yucca Mountain opens, nuclear waste shipments will pass within half a mile of the homes of 50,000,000 Americans, and the statistical estimate of accidents are minor incident or Chernobyl-style disasters in Denver, Kansas City, Indianapolis, Sacramento or New York cannot be predicted, but we know this: nowhere in the country are safety personnel equipped to handle this kind of a disaster.

There are safer alternatives. For information on how to get involved in stopping this potential catastrophe before it starts, contact Citizen Alert, Nevada's grassroots organization for public participation since 1975.

* Science Magazine, May 3, 2002
**, April 30, 2002, press release